alio Intelligence

alio Intelligence helps business office staff and school administrators analyze, compare, and highlight trends in essential variables that ultimately monitor performance and identify potential problems.

alio Intelligence includes the following: • Out-of-the-box dashboards, including metrics for school principals, human resource staff, payroll staff and finance staff.
• Robust security features dictate what information is observable, based on job and location information. This allows school administrators to monitor information specific to a particular campus, in real-time mode.
• Identifies key metrics from student systems, point-of-sale food service, sub-caller/time clock systems and other external products.
• Presents information in the form of interactive dashboards, with the ability to dissect and analyze essential data. There are drillable lists and graphs that evaluate specific details of information.
• Information is easily readable with color graphs and alerts that visually guide users to information that is above or below certain district-defined thresholds.
• Workflow alerts inform users of specific information that require action.
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Report Writer An end-user ad hoc report writer is included in alio Intelligence. The report writer includes a data dictionary that presents the data model in an easily identifiable, user-friendly format. This permits end-user access to data without having to know the data structure and how to link related tables. The data structure also provides multiple representations of the same information to assist in framing how the information is retrieved and analyzed. This aids users in gathering information faster and in the format they desire. The alio suite of products includes fund accounting, encumbrance accounting, general ledger, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, finance, payroll, human resources, position control, salary administration and complete reporting. It is deployed on an Oracle database and runs on Windows servers.