alio Human Resources

The Human Resources System (HRS) is designed to simplify the process of maintaining all personnel and payroll information. A single source for this data is provided, eliminating redundant input and allowing the user to maintain, process, and report all related information in a timely, effective manner. The extended personnel system provides an integrated facility to maintain information relating to position control, payroll, salary administration, leave administration, and personnel administration.  It also includes an applicant portal and employee service portal.

User profile records allow the system to be tailored to an employer’s individual requirements, providing flexibility in establishing the various components of each employer’s information base. This includes: employment codes, location codes and descriptions, earning codes and descriptions, deduction/benefit codes, and leave accrual tables. Individual state retirement calculation and reporting requirements are supported by HRS along with any applicable federal, state and local withholding tax routines.

Multiple payroll cycles are supported with the necessary payroll control information for each cycle being maintained on a single screen. Processing for multiple regular, recurring, and one-time additional pay components is provided. The system processes salaried and unit-paid employees in a single payroll run and utilizes exception processing to minimize input requirements.

The ability to establish various leave accrual plans, including sick leave and vacation, is supported and provides automatic leave accrual and attendance tracking through a leave accounting system. A calendar view inquiry program is supplied to assist management in monitoring attendance for an individual. This view provides the ability to see absence trends for an employee.

A labor distribution facility is included, which will distribute an employee’s earnings and benefits to appropriate expenditure accounts. Payroll distributions (along with payroll liabilities) are interfaced to alio‘s Financial Accounting System (FAS) allowing personnel costs to be posted to the employer’s accounting system for timely, accurate accounting and analysis.

HRS incorporates comprehensive history data for earnings, deductions, distributions and position histories associated with payroll and personnel functions.

Extensive management and technical reporting is provided. The reports are designed to verify accuracy and enhance auditing and analysis. Reports are readily generated from standard menus. The system also provides a wide range of operational reports including personnel directories and employee labels. All personnel and payroll information is integrated into one database in HRS, eliminating redundant input. A single source of personnel and payroll information is provided, allowing the user to maintain and report all related information in a timely, effective manner.