alio Financial Management Software

alio finance management software photoSchool districts nationwide are embracing paperless business practices by implementing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. alio Content is a proven ECM solution with specific, targeted integration into alio.

Featuring Web-based technology, alio and its fully integrated library of Financial Management, Payroll, and Human Resource software applications, is built to excel both now and in the future.

The alio Financial Management suite of products includes general ledger, purchase orders, bidding, accounts payable, accounts receivable, revenue and expenditure, fixed assets, warehouse, and reporting.

Since 1979, our Financial Management System and Human Resources System have been automating district financial, payroll and personnel needs, providing online inquiries and comprehensive reports. They are designed with accounting procedures and auditing controls so that administrators can easily budget, monitor and control their school’s finances. Information is electronically transferred to the general ledger, minimizing data entry requirements.

Weidenhammer and our sales partners provide complete software, installation, training, and support.