Weidenhammer has launched a purchasing card system (or P-Card) for alio customers.

The P-Card resembles the characteristics of a company charge card that permits goods and services to be purchased without utilizing a traditional purchasing process. P-Cards are issued to employees who are expected to follow their organization’s policies and procedures related to P-Card use, including reviewing and approving transactions according to a set schedule (at least once per month).

The school district can implement a variety of controls for each P-Card, such as single-purchase dollar limits, monthly limit and merchant category code restrictions, to name a few. In addition, a cardholder’s P-Card activity should be reviewed periodically by someone independent of the cardholder.

The alio P-Card System is an application that processes credit card payments. The payments are completed in the system, approved, and then loaded as accounting entries. The system allows reporting of information through standard reports and queries.


• P-Cards streamline operations and reduce procurement costs

• Reduce or eliminate paperwork associated with requisitions, P.O.’s and invoices for small-dollar transactions

• Avoid lost discounts, late fees, wait time for goods

• Improve vendor relationships